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Traction Pour Jean Moulin

Avec la fondation du patrimoine tous ensemble sauvons Titine

11 Mai 2012, 11:42am

Publié par association une traction pour Jean Moulin

Face à la pression de mes jeunes élèments, je capitule et dévoile notre bulletin de souscription.

Voici ce qui va bientôt être mis en valeur sur le site de la fondation du patrimoine:



Vous pouvez aider ce projet audacieux dès à présent de différentes façons:


-en participant à la diffusion de ce bulletin autour de vous, sur tous supports papier, sur le net....

-en participant directement à la souscription sachant que tous les dons nous seront utiles, des plus petits aux plus importants.


N'oubliez pas que pour tous contribuables français, un avantage fiscal est lié si il est demandé. Pour nos amis étrangers, qui ont souvent en eux la culture de la souscription, la procédure est la même mais sans les avantages fiscaux, mais avec toute notre reconnaissance supplémentaire en plus..


Nous aurons à coeur d'etablir un livre d'or par ordre alphabétique des donateurs (sans mentionner les montants sauf demande et accord particuliers).

Les dons peuvent se faire en utilisant le bon de souscription (chèque à l'ordre de Fondation du patrimoine traction Citroën) ou directement par le site. Pour tous points particuliers, une demande de renseignements à:


Toutes les coordonnées de la fondation sont en bas du sujet.






Tous ensemble, sauvons Titine. Il est l'heure, amis, de sortir de l'ombre!.

Merci pour Titine et ces jeunes qui soutiennent ce projet difficile de mémorial roulant.


Une traduction en anglais pour l'internationnal:


Restoration of a 1940 Citroen Traction 11B

We are ten students from the College Jean Moulin de Monceau-les-Mines and who want to create a rolling memorial to dedicated to the memory of those Resistance fighters , whether well-known like Jean Moulin or who operated in the shadows, and who gave their youth and their lives in the service of their country and for their principles.

The Association " A Traction for Jean Moulin" has as its goal, focusing on the story of Jean Moulin, to restore in its entirety a symbolic vehicle of this era; in this case, an authentic, rare 1940 Traction Avant 11B automobile. This Citroen Traction, to be painted with distinctive (F)orces (F)rançaises de l'(I)ntérieur markings, will be the bridge we make between past and present generations and will keep alive the memory of these people.

The objective of the Association is also to offer to its young students the possibility of personal enrichment through contact with a multi-faceted project and with individuals who are outside the traditional paradigms of a college atmosphere. It is a terrific opportunity to open oneself to society as a whole and to preserve a piece of our automotive heritage.

The involvement of the Fondation du Patrimoine is hoped for, to increase awareness of our project, as well as to obtain funding from patrons, commercial enterprises, or individuals, not to mention professionals ( bodywork, interior trim and chroming specialists) to complete the work that we students and willing volunteers cannot accomplish on our own.

All work completed to date can be viewed at our blog:


Currently, we estimate that the project will last three years. The total budget for a high-quality restoration completed to original equipment specifications comes to around 36,200 Euros. The plan is to complete the overall task in three phases with parallel fundraising: body and chrome, motor and associated front power train, interior and finishing touches. The purchase of our own tools and equipment would facilitate the work and enable us to complete certain additional tasks.

All disassembly and re-assembly will be done by students and volunteers; so will all finish work and tuning that we are capable of doing. The professionals will be put to work as soon as the school year lets out and safety in this regard is no longer an issue. To the extent possible, the work of skilled trades personnel will have to be completed at the college Jean Moulin as a priority. failing that, we will have to ensure and finance follow-up work trips with the students.

One day, we will be proud to be able to ride aboard our beautiful FFI Traction to celebrate the liberation of our city, which has been honored for its role in the Resistance.


Thank you for helping us to finance the first portion of the job, which included the bodywork and the chroming (14000 Euros!), because, even as twelve year olds, we, too, can appreciate this achievement! Help this wonderful project which is unique in an educational setting, save << Titine>> and preserve the memory of Jean Moulin!




Created by the Law of 2 July 1996 and recognized as having utility to the public, following the decree of 18 April 1997, The Fondation du Patrimoine (The Heritage Foundation) is the premier independent private organization of national scope which works to promote awareness, understanding preservation and value of our heritage.

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Jean-Louis DENISOT 14/05/2012 11:20

Bravo à tous pour l'obtention de ce partenariat et bonne chance, de la part d'une 7C 1938 FFI de Marseille.